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Congratulations you're getting married and you now want to find one of the most important dresses that you will ever wear - your wedding dress. You want to find "the one", that ultimate dress that will make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside. You're looking for a dress that will say a lot about you and your personality, perhaps a one off that has been designed and made especially for you or a bridal boutique dress that you would travel the ends of the earth or the high street to purchase. You can't describe to anyone what you're looking for but you'll know when you see it. Read on for tips and advice when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, remember help is always at hand.

There are many ways to go about finding your wedding dress, wedding magazines, wedding fayres, the internet or good old fashion and still a huge favourite simply getting yourself out to the bridal shops in and around where you live. If you are buying on a tight budget many of the big high street chains are selling well made gorgeous bridal wear now and with very reasonable price tags so before you decide against such an idea you might want to think again.
Tip: Once you've found "the dress" ask one of your nearest and dearest (not the groom!) to photograph you wearing it, print off a copy so that you can go shopping for shoes and accessories instead of carrying the actual dress around with you.

Of course as with most things there are lots of styles, shapes, colour ways, fabrics and designs to consider. This in itself can be daunting, however it's all about knowing yourself, your shape, your size and not trying to be something that you're not. Remember not all styles, colours etc suit all.

Suggestion for a full busted, hour glass figure - FULL SKIRT, FAIRYTALE DRESS, BALLERINA.This dress style will suit a full busted, slim hipped figure, the full skirt will balance the bottom of the figure perfectly with the top and will also give you that Fairytale look which is thought of the most romantic of styles along with the Princess line dress.

Suggestion for the smaller busted and petite figure - EMPIRE LINE DRESS. This dress style will suit the smaller busted figure as the waistline starts just beneath the bust which is a good style for the more petite figure also an empire line dress with an A line skirt will help to conceal slightly wider hips. The Empire features a seam based high on the waist, just below the bust line

Suggestions for the wider hipped figure - A-LINE OR PRINCESS LINE DRESS. The A-line or Princess line dress is usually a fitted bodice with an A-line skirt. If you have wider hips, the A-line or princess line should cover them up quite effectively and will also hug the waist as to show off a flattering slim waistline. This style of Dress is an excellent choice for the wider hipped figure as it is fitted over the bust into the waist and then flares out skimming over your hips and thighs.

Suggestions for the tall, slim figure - BIAS CUT OR COLUMN DRESS. Very flattering if worn by the right shape girl. the dress style is cut on the cross and is figure hugging, often designed with a puddle train. This style is very complimentary on petite figures as well as very slim tall brides .

Tip: If you decide to go out shopping for your dress , take a very honest close friend(s), your Mum or both to help you. You need people around you who will help, support and guide but ultimately tell you if you have picked a real shocker! You really don't need "yes" people who will ooh and aah because they think that's what you want to hear.


Low round or scooped necks will suit most brides and do not give too much prominence to any particular feature, therefore will not detract from a pretty face.

A halter neck looks best on a bride with great shoulders, but may look unbalanced on a woman with a large bust.

Sweetheart necklines have a heart-shaped line at the bust and are great if you want to discreetly display a bit of cleavage.

A V-neck can draw attention from a large bust as it guides the eye inwards and down the midline of the dress.

A high round neck or slash-neck dress will look best on a bride with a small bust and both are good if the bride doesn't wish to show too much of her chest.

Square necklines will suit most brides, the shape is created where the neckline comes across in a straight line between the straps of the dress.

Strapless outfits are very popular and may be straight across at the bust or may have a sweetheart shape. They suit most brides but may not be suitable if you are uncomfortable showing too much of your shoulders, chest or upper arms.

Asymmetric necklines, where the dress has a single strap or irregular shaping are also becoming more popular in line with current fashion trends.

Another great source of finding your wedding dress is family have you considered a family heirloom? Or how about second hand there is a huge market in second hand wedding dresses and it's not what you might think second hand doesn't have to mean second best, think about it most wedding dresses are worn once by one careful owner!
Tip: Hiring is another fabulous way to be able to afford the dress of your dreams. Why not go to a bridal hire shop who also makes dresses and see if they won't make your perfect dress and then hire it to you that's what I did Vanessa x
Article by Vanessa at Champagne Classics with a special contribution and images by Catrina at Catrina's Bridalwear